Posted: May 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

So one of the things that I’ve heard from quite a few artists I either know or have worked with is, “Where do you get your reference?”. The short answer is that I’m a grand master of google image searches. That is, in an essence, a lie. What I am good at is getting distracted and going on what I call “Google image scavenger hunts.”

I have amassed a fairly sizable library of images over the years ranging from 50’s Sci-Fi to WWII. I’d be more than happy to share some of those folders in a link if I knew how to. So what I will do is share a small sampling of some of the stuff I have in a sub section reference folder for armor labelled medieval.

There are 156 images in this sub category. I’m posting 7. If you notice, there is a theme here. The reasons I’m posting in this particular theme and using just helmets is that I think it’s important for people to pick out shapes for a particular object and some of the variations and how they could translate to other era’s of design.

This era of design focussed on rather ornate and stylized looks to their gear for psychological purposes. There were some benefits to helmets being designed a particular way during these eras however, todays helmets are much more practical. I plan on tackling modern helmets tomorrow, and in greater detail.  One of the main things I’ll be discussing is how the various era’s have similar themes to shape and how technology has impacted modern combat helmet design.

Any feedback? Comments? Questions? Requests for me to tackle any subject in particular? Please don’t hesitate to send them my way!

  1. pete says:

    You could post them all on flickr, then I could stop wasting time with google images that are less than an inch square. Seriously though, I believe the meandering path is the way to collect the most experience… images.

  2. dunno if you’ve ever done this mike, but i also download flv files from youtube for video reference as well. sometimes photo reference isn’t enough for me to get a sense of things, so i have a big reference video library as well.

  3. Rick Hershey says:

    yeah, I want to start searching your image directory instead of google as well. I’m looking for a bunch of obscure references now and could use it.

  4. Pat Bollin says:

    I really like the idea of sharing image libraries, but be careful about copyright issues.

    On a side not, I like the colors for the blog layout better. Much easier on the eyes.


  5. Pat Bollin says:

    Abandoned blog already???

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