“A communications blackout can mean only 1 thing, INVASION!”

Posted: August 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

It could also mean that I’ve been swamped the last few months and have finally crawled out.

I just got back from Gen Con on Monday. At the con we announced the CthulhuTech: Shadow Wars miniatures game slated for release next year and we were running demo’s of CthulhuTech, Poo, and our new Traveller supplement Chthonian Stars. We also had a promo mini with us of the crusader power armor from the CthulhuTech core book and brand new print copies of the Core Book, Vade Mecum, and *drumroll* Ancient Enemies! All books have improved paper stock and even have bound in cloth bookmarks! The SandStorm guys have really been knocking it out of the park. If you’re looking for a publisher, I highly recommend approaching them before you go to anyone else! On the miniatures front, I’ll post photos once we have a few painted up.

The worst part about the con was that I got the crud from some plague bearer that was wandering the hall on Thursday sneezing and coughing without covering his mouth/nose. In turn I’m sure I got other people sick. I did my best to regularly wash my hands, cover my mouth when I coughed but alas, I know my room mates got it from me. I soldiered on during the days running on tylenol cold and dayquill and ran back to the room after dinner to take nyquill and go to bed.

I was fortunate to meet allot of great people, sign quite a few books and do allot of sketches. I learned what I’m capable of doing in 5 minutes with a sharpie so that was actually a fun exercise in quick sketching that I had never done, especially with a regular tip sharpie. In my next post I will actually post some links to a few of the artists I met and whose work I thought stood out the most.

This leads me to a quick comment on portfolio’s. I saw everything from metal cases with mounted prints on board to binders and even take home booklets. The one portfolio technique that I had seen people do but never had one presented to me until this con, was using an iPhone to show your work. IMHO this is one of the worst ways you can show your work *unless you’re trying to get a job doing art for iPhone applications*

1. In this instance, if you’re attempting to get a job doing illustration intended to be printed the iPhone is a bad idea. Digital format is ok for sending links to an AD via e-mail but if you’re doing a review in person, print it at the size it was meant to be viewed in.

2. If you’re attending a convention and you intend to show your portfolio, or even anticipate that you might want to show your portfolio you should put some effort into design, layout, and presentation. Showing that you care about your work and getting the job enough that you pay careful attention to presentation goes a long way, even if your style doesn’t match the subject matter you’re trying to get work in. I’d be happy to introduce you to other AD’s that might better fit the work you’re presenting.

The bottom line here is, If you haven’t put any thought or effort into presenting your portfolio how do you think that reflects on your work? If you aren’t putting any effort into presentation, what do you think I’d be expecting if I gave you work?

Next Post: Studios and Mentorship.  To be posted, *dun dun dun* FRIDAY THE 13th!!!!

  1. Hey there Mike. Get over the crud quick! One presentation method I saw was using the iPad. Normally, I would be on your side of the fence and say digital presentation is bad – but in the case of the iPad I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the display, and the ability to zoom in. It made the viewing experience nice. On top of that, one of the guys I saw made use of the digital format and exploited one of it’s strengths — namely, the ability to create unlimited digital portfolios and have them sitting on his desktop. When he was getting ready to hand it off to me, he launched his “wizard of the coast” portfolio. You know the one…the portfolio that was targeted to get my attention, show he understood my products and IP universe…

    It was a great experience.

    My 2 cents from the other side of the aisle

  2. Hey Jon, thanks for the note! I’m still dealing with the congestion, otherwise I’m geared up to go to MT this weekend!:) The iPad might be something I could make an exception for simply because it’s a larger format. My major gripe is with the smaller size of the work being presented when in digital format. It’s hard for me to look at a piece on an iPhone and tell if it’s a really tight thumbnail or a well rendered illustration without zooming way in. It sounds like your illustrator had his poop in a group. When you get with an artist like that, it makes the review process even more fun! For next years Gen Con, I’m planning on getting a booth in Artists Alley and spending limited time in the main WildFire booth.

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