Monkeys, Squirrels, and Power Armor oh my!

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

First things first, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks post PAX.  Speaking of which, PAX was a blast!  Met a lot of cool people, did alllllot of 15-30 minute sketches for folks.  Ran a CthulhuTech mech game demo, stayed up late allot, and thankfully didn’t get sick like I did at Gen Con.  I’m really looking forward to next  years PAX.  Here’s one of the many sketches I did at the con that the owner thankfully scanned and e-mailed to me!:)

Moving along, since that time a little game called Halo Reach came out.  For those of you that don’t know, I did the illustrations for Dr. Halsey’s Journal in the collectors edition.  It was challenging getting out of my head and into someone elses.  What I mean by that was that I had to think like Dr. Halsey would and do my best to not draw like a professional or frame shots like I might.  Overall I’m really pleased with the final presentation of the journal, the team I worked with was incredibly skilled and really made the collectors edition something really special for the Halo fans out there.  Images taken from Bungie and Game Informer respectively.

So you may be saying, “What happened to updating your blog?”.  I’m not a fan of excuses and with that, I can simply say I didn’t plan things out properly and got a bit swamped with work updating packaging design for reprints of our card game Poo (monkey’s in the zoo throwing poo at each other) and designing card backs, backgrounds, packaging, logo, etc. for our up coming card game Nuts (squirrels scrambling to get nuts).  They were originally slated for October deadlines and were bumped up 2-3 weeks respectively and that threw a monkey wrench in my scheduling… no pun intended.  In addition I took on mentoring an artist and I did spend some time over the last few weeks planning out the next months worth of posts with a talented mech/tech designer and friend, Alex Iglesias.  We’re teaming up to do a start to finish concept design of a Power Armor unit and will be detailing the process for everyone.

So here’s the basic run down of how this is going to go down.

  • SEP 30th: Concept write up post.
  • OCT 7th: Silhouette’s and coming up with the a rough visual design direction.
  • OCT 14th: Revised design, 3/4 and rough Orthographic.
  • OCT 21st: Final presentation and graphic design.

The question I pose to all of you is, should we make this a contest where artists can participate and possibly win some original sketches?

To give some of you an idea of our work, I’m posting a few of Alex’s pieces as well as some of my mech designs from CthulhuTech.  Alex has worked on a few video games and done a whole bunch of art for the BattleTech RPG and CthulhuTech.

First up are some of the Engel units (creatures covered in armor, think Evangelion) base unit NEG mecha, and a sketch I did for a German fan site around the same time.  Line art by me, paints by Yi-Piao Yeoh.  Designs done circa 2006/2007.

Now for some of Alex‘s work.  Here are a few of my favorite pieces he has online.  In addition he recently did some ship designs for our Traveller supplement entitled Chthonian Stars and should be out next month.

Power Armor Design Requirements

– Total Height: 14′
– Pilots Compartment Height: 6′
– Pilots Compartment Width: 6′ shoulder to shoulder
– Compartment Requirement: Must allow for natural range of motion inside.
– Cockpit details: Exterior cameras project images into pilots helmet visor w/low opacity HUD information projected over image.
– Power Source: Electrically powered turbines feeding into a RAT Gen backup that also charges an algae battery  system.  Not sure about the redundancy, seems plausible.

– Movement Requirement: Digitigrade legs to absorb impact for weight.  Feet must be set up in such a way to evenly distribute weight.  Visual inspiration is prawn power armor from District 9.  It is capable of minor jumps and has built-in jets to help cushion impact from low-level aerial drops.
– Other details: 2 exterior rotor drones mounted on back for additional field intelligence gathering.  Launched out of armored mortar tubes.  Can be concealed, don’t need to be cylindrical or obvious.

As per the usual, let me know what you think by clicking in the little word balloons on the upper right portion of the post.  If you have any questions, suggestions, requests, please don’t hesitate to send them my way!


  1. Kow Yokohama says:

    Your power armor looks like a Ma.K SAFS. It’s blindingly similar. Staggeringly so.

    • 1. I know which suit you’re talking about and although I can note the similarities they are not the same.
      2. That particular suit is not my work, it’s Alex Iglesias’ and that’s noted in the post.
      3. Check the post date, all of this work is over 5 years old. My work on the post is now between 8 and 9 years old.

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