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So the post title needs some significant work.  I actually want to turn this into a weekly sub section of posts.  i.e. I’ll cover a bit of design here and there but once a week I want to focus on fundamentals i.e. artistic growth and development.

Think of it like a daily sketch book but focussing entirely on foundation.  Everyone can follow along with my growth and in addition I had a bit of a brainstorm on the mentoring front.  Doing these weekly topics if anyone would like to follow along and participate both the artists I’m working with and I will critique work every step of the way.  Feel free to spread the word.  I’m no master or even grizzled vet by any stretch of the imagination however, I do generally know what I’m talking about and if I don’t know the answer I’m sure that one of the several dozen artists and art directors I either know or have worked with would be willing to help out.

For those of you that have seen my critiques you know that I do invest some significant time and effort into giving what I consider a valuable critique.  The standard critique format I follow is, “Warm and fuzzy, cold and prickly, warm and fuzzy”.  What that means is I start with basic overview of the things I like and were done well (IMO), I then move onto the things that need improvement and I didn’t care for, and then wrap it up with suggestions on what the artist can work on and words of encouragement and acknowledgment of skill and development.

Thoughts?  Feedback?



  1. I’d be interested in seeing how this plays out. I see a ton of contests, but I like the relaxed kind of lets work hard together and watch ourselves improve attitude a bit more personally.

    What types of things were you thinking of focusing on? Artistic basics like form, anatomy, drawing from life, or assignments that would also be more directly relevant to the field; illustrations, concepts, etc. It might be good to see a mix as well. For example one week study animal anatomy and the next week apply it to a creature concept. I like the step by step set-up you’ve got going with the mech theme currently.

    Also what are you thinking about when you say working with artists? Where would you like participators who aren’t the artists you are working with to share their own attempts?

    Just my thoughts and questions! =)

  2. I’m going to start with anatomy studies and move into value. I was thinking that once a week would be foundation day, another day would focus on concept design, and another on illustration.

    As for working with artists, I was planning on approaching various artists that I’ve worked with and asking them if they’d like to either contribute a step by step along the same lines of the power armor one that Alex and I are doing.

    Non-participating artists can e-mail me their work (I’ll post an e-mail address) and I can give them direct feedback.

    On contests, they’re a nice draw and incentive to drive traffic but they also come with pressure to actually turn something in. If someone isn’t inspired by the work and chomping at the bit I don’t want someone to feel pressured to contribute to a weekly challenge just so they can win something. I might do an occasional contest like Jon when I feel it’s appropriate and that the reward is something worth while. i.e. art supplies, books, tutorial dvd’s, etc.

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