Power Armor Thumbnails and a Call for Artists

Posted: October 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Kicking things off, I have allot of available freelance coming up that my regulars and off and on artists wont be able to fill all of.  Most of them are illustrations, some are orthographic pieces for miniatures, some are concept illustrations.  Check out the image below for more details and feel free to head over to the CthulhuTech website to check out some more of the work that’s gone into the books.  A Chthonian Stars site should be up soon.


So Alex and I chatted for a bit, knocked around some thumbnails and quick sketches and this is the result.  I liked Alex’s, he liked one of mine so we decided to do 2.  Alex’s sketch A with the arm placement of B and he liked my silhouette for B.  Normally I go from silhouette and then work out sketches for the silhouettes however, in this instance Alex and I have worked together long enough that he knows what phase B would look like.  I’ll work up sketches to post on Monday of my power armor unit that are a bit more detailed and leave less up to the imagination. 🙂  Alex was inspired and decided to create a couple of transport vehicles as well.  His ID stuff makes me want to focus on that aspect of my work a bit more.  That said, your comments, questions, etc. would be extremely helpful.  I’m sure that some of you want me to go into greater detail about our process, getting some specific questions will help me compose a good post for that.  I’ll post all the answers on Monday when I update with stage 1.5 sketches.


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