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So I ended up getting a rather large volume of portfolio’s over the last couple of days thanks to Jon Schindehette hooking me up over on Art Order.  Thanks again Jon, you rock!   That being said I didn’t get my sketches done.  I will be spending time on Sunday to get them finished.  So we’re about a week behind at the moment however, we should be able to catch up fairly quickly.  I’m going to life drawing on Saturday morning so the beginning of the traditional portion of the blog starts this upcoming week and at the end of the week I’ll be wrapping things up with the updated power armor.  So what else is going on?  Production on the Shadow Wars miniature game has started.  I just sent out e-mails a little while ago to artists to knock out orthographic illustrations for a small portion of the first release batch.  I’m really pumped to get the ball rolling on the visuals for this one.  There are going to be some design improvements to some of the tagers and dhohanoids just to bump up the awesome factor of them.  They wont be dramatic changes, more detail related.

On that note some of you may be aware of a setting we’ve been developing for Traveller called Chthonian Stars.  I had done a significant amount of online hyping up for CthulhuTech before it came out and for some reason the hype machine hasn’t been there for Chthonian Stars… which is rather sad considering it’s a setting that we (Chris Dorn, Rob Glass, and Matthew Grau) are really pumped about.  It’s dark, gritty, and near future pseudo-hard sci-fi.  Don’t dwell on that line too long.  Regardless I wanted to show off some of the art going into the book to get people pumped.  Inside of the setting you’re primarily taking on the role of a Warden.  Wardens are like spec ops investigators sent out to various locations around our solar system to investigate mysterious events taking place on various planets, space craft, etc.  That’s just a quick teaser.  Think of it like Dead Space, Event Horizon, The Myst, a dash of Avatar for tech, and Aliens.

Without going into detail on the creatures below, the design modifications from traditional Lovecraft descriptions are intentional.  If you want to find out why they look so different you’ll have to read the book!;)  As for the art, I did the logo, the creatures and other art posted below were done by…

Adam Schumpert with the Bhole.  Adam is an awesome guy to work with and an up and comer that you should keep your eye on!

Tom Garden for the Mi-go.  The major design work was done by me, he took my work and ran with it.  I’m pretty proud of the final design.  I’ve worked with Tom for years, he’s one of my favorite artists to work with these days)

Marco Mazzoni for Anatstacia being attached by…   You guys know Marco’s work from the blog already.  Marco’s always fun to work with and has been a good friend of mine for the last 3 years.

Alex Iglesias for the Warden weapons spread.  You also know Alex from the blog.  He’s an incredible talent and is looking for sci-fi freelance work.  If you have a mech game you honestly couldn’t pick a better guy to work with.


The Mi-Go

Feel free to drop me a line with any comments, questions, etc.!




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