Posted: December 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

So what the heck happened?  Over the last few months we’ve seen the major con season come and go.  Halloween descended upon us.  November/Movember came and went along with Illuxcon and then came Thanksgiving.  Now with Christmas around the corner things continue to ramp up here at work for first and second quarter 2011 releases.  My wife and I have found out that we’re expecting a child in the next 9 months and I also accepted a full time art director position at our (WildFire’s) publisher’s office with Sandstorm.  With that I’ve added 10 new family/hobby/casual games onto my responsibility schedule along side of Chthonian Stars and CthulhuTech with a few more RPG titles to come.  Things have been a little crazy to say the least.  I’m also working on for a charity event on the side and a hush hush cell phone game with some old friends.  I’ll go into more detail tomorrow on several of those items but have to keep it short for today.  In the mean time Alex has finally had some time to work on his mini-mech and he sent me a progress shot last night so I figured I’d throw that up for you to look at before the more detailed update tomorrow.


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