Posted: December 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

So how bad do I suck?  Since accepting my position as Sandstorms full time Art Director my workload has increased quite a bit and has taken up allot of time that I had planned on using for art, blogging, etc. over the last couple of months.  Things will slow down a bit after we finish the 1st quarter push for 2011 in the next month or 2.  There are tons of new and exciting things coming down the pipe for both Sandstorm and WildFire related game lines that I’m looking forward to talking about more after the new year.  In the mean time I’m posting the preliminary cover of the next CthulhuTech book entitled “Burning Horizons”(Art by Ty Carey) and Alex’s finished mini-mech design.  Think of them as an early Christmas present. 😉  I’ll be spending the holidays with family over the next week so I wont be posting much or spending allot of time online. If I don’t post anything before the new year I wish you all happy holidays!



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